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Listening is the most difficult communication skill to learn, yet it is the most important one to have.

HighGain’s MOREAR® Listening Assessment is a vital tool for any group that wants to establish awareness of its listening behaviors. Office teams, nurses, and account executives – any group that relies upon clear communication for its success — will benefit from taking this Assessment.

Developed by professors at James Madison University in Virginia in 1981 and validated by five former presidents of the International Listening Association, this is one of the most fundamentally effective tools around for establishing a baseline assessment of listening skill.

The MOREAR® Listening Self-Assessment focuses on the 28 best listening practices grouped into six categories:

MemoryOpen-mindednessRespect EmpathyAttentionResponse

Once you have taken the Assessment you will receive:

You’ll get your results instantly, and the 8-page report gives you your overall profile:

Your Overall Profile: 50%

Each of the 28 questions are clearly explained and come with tips to help you improve.

360º Version

With the MOREAR® 360º you get considerably deeper insight into the individuals’ listening skills. Six others’ are selected, and their combined Listening Assessment Profile is compared against the users. The gaps between the two scores are the places to work on.

How to Buy

There are two ways to buy this Assessment:

    Organizational Purchase: $35 per user

  • We give you a private link to the Assessment to distribute to your group
  • Individuals get their own scores and report
  • You get Group Listening Score of all the users in your group
  • You get a break-out of the Business Unit Listening Scores
  • Users take the Assessment anytime
  • We invoice you to pay by credit card

Non-profit and educational discounts are available. Contact: assessment at highgain.com

    Individual Purchase: $11.95

  • Users enter through the public link or go directly to the Self Assessment page.
  • Users get their own scores and report
  • Users pay directly

Non-profit & educational discounts are available. Contact: assessment at highgain.com