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Programs and Tools
Strategic Listening System

Listening performance gains are hard to realize without the sustained efforts of everyone involved. To imbed listening strategies and skills into the fabric of an organization, work group or relational team usually requires a cultural change. This is why HighGain® strongly recommends a systems approach to making that change a reality.

Once a group becomes a trained listening body, it acquires a powerful advantage. Our system merges six dynamic components that work synergistically. These components are designed to advance a listening body through a critical stepping process that assures long-lasting effects.

Performance Improvement System

This approach is implemented at the local level, and it ties leader listening and coaching skills to that of the larger group. The underlying premise is that communicants respond more to modeling than to directives; and that when both parties are involved in good listening, change will occur. The elements of this system weave together individual and leader skills and include additional on-the-job coaching aids.

Our Programs
HighGain®'s programs range from brief introductory overviews to sophisticated trainings that take place over several days. Our online and onsite delivery options offer participants an opportunity to learn expediently. By building in this flexibility, anyone motivated toward, or responsible for, improving listening skills can get what they need conveniently and easily. Contact us for further information and pricing.
Listen Up

Our very popular, one-day program that includes the Listening Assessment, an introduction to HighGain's CORE™ listening model, an assortment of fundamental actions, skills practice and a plan for skill implementation.

CORE Listening: The Hidden Power of Selling

Especially designed for those in sales and related fields, this program is founded on the philosophy that good listening is the ultimate positioning tool. It is delivered in either a 1-day or 1.5-day format and trains participants toward 'total attention' management and the 7 Keys to Sales Mastery. Highly participative, engaging, well paced and fun. Offered at your business site.

Listening Your Way To Clarity

This two-day program takes our one-day, Listen Up program into wider and deeper application, with the addition of memory improvement and flexibility techniques, assertive communication know-how, dynamic feedback and a self-designed, custom action plan. Skills practice is considerable. Offered as an on site program.

Best Listening Practices

A comprehensive introduction to the subject of listening, this course includes two self-assessments, 28 best listening practices grouped into 6 key categories, and interactive study on the 'Inner Game of Listening.'

Team Listening Kit

This is ideal for small, client-based companies or small working groups. Its novel approach is designed to cut the cost of training while bringing the essence of listening to small teams and organizations. It includes an assessment tool, training in the 6 key aspects of listening, an interactive guide, and other aids to help small groups reach their listening goals.

Listening Assessment

This self-assessment tool is where all our programs begin. Developed over 18 years and acclaimed by high-ranking analysts in the field of Listening Training, it is designed to assist you in assessing your perception of your own skills. Available for group purchase and for individuals. Click here for more information.

360º Listening Assessment

This tool expands the above self-assessment by including the observations of others who know you well. It is designed to counter the inherent bias in self-assessments. Offered online as well as onsite.

Free Booklet: Power Up! Listening Skills for the 21st Century