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MOREAR® Listening Self-Assessment • $11.95*

The MOREAR® ListeningSelf-Assessment is designed to help people more accurately rate their own listening behaviors at work or in a work-like environment. Our assessment focuses on the 28 best listening practices grouped into six categories best remembered by the useful acronym MOREAR®:

MemoryOpen-mindednessRespect EmpathyAttentionResponse

Once you have taken the Assessment you will receive:

1. Your overall profile and each MOREAR® category, as this example shows:

Your Overall Profile: 50%

2. A chart showing what your score means, along with some useful commentary.

3. Your score, along with each of the 28 questions explained.

The MOREAR® Listening Self-Assessment was developed over 18 years by Dr Jan Brandt and Richard Brandt, and has been validated by professors at James Madison University in Virginia and by five former presidents of the International Listening Association. The best listening practices were determined by a nationwide research project involving 22 companies and 1500 employees.

We look forward to helping you raise your Listening IQ and getting closer to mastering this amazingly powerful skill. Click the button below to pay $6.95 for your MOREAR® Listening Assessment.

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* Educational and non-profit discounts are available for non-profit groups of 25+. We are unable to refund your fee if you are dissatisfied with the results in any way.

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